Torbjörn Magnusson
President IF Skadeförsäkring
“Chris Månsson has been my personal trainer for more than 2 years, and he has helped me reach a completely new level in my training. As an active but middle-aged tennis fanatic, it is crucial for me both to prevent injuries and to strengthen certain groups of muscles. Chris has an outstanding ability to design challenging exercises for the long term and see which types of training I respond well to. He is always percipient to my development and also adjusts the training to any temporary conditions, so that I can progress continuously, even when I not perfectly fit. Focus for me has not only been on strength, but also on balance and agility, where I feel improvements have been equally significant. And last but not least, going to an appointment with Chris is always a lot of fun!”

Jenny Askenfors
Arkitekt och möbelformgivare
“Committed, competent and positive are the words that best describe Chris. The secret to his success lies in not simply doing his job, but in wanting to do it in the best way possible and that specifically is Chris’ strength, finding the perfect approach to suit you. I have trained with Chris for several years and together we have experienced setbacks and success. Without Chris and his fantastic support and ability to draw out my inner motivation I would definitely not be where I am today. In short – Chris has changed my life and I am hugely grateful for that. “

Patrik Rosenholm
Swedish Davis Cup player

Andreas Falk
Team Runner and Swedish record holder in several ultra distances
“Jenny has helped me for many years, the techniques and exercises she teaches me has given me a more free running style where I really feel I can develop more power in each running stride. What I’ve learned at Jenny is now a permanent feature of my and my adepts training. In short: I’m a better runner thanks to Jenny.”

Matz Evensson
Redaktör Svensk Golf Golfskolan
HeadPro Frösåker Golf
“In my career as a golf instructor, I often come across learners who have physical limitations. My biggest challenge is to enable them to use their body better. I myself make much use of flexibility exercises based on the TPI model, but Chris and Jenny focus on physical training, strength and agility in a revolutionary new way. For a serious golfer, I would recommend a visit to Health Training any day of the week”

Hilda Melander
Professional Tennis Player
“Effective training that gives me the results that I need for my ambition in becoming a professional tennis player. The great thing is that it’s fun training too!”

David Hedman
Entrepreneur and
Former Pro-Snowboarder
“Thanks to your treatment and training program I’m finally able to snowboard at a decent level again. Wish I had found you years ago! Big thanks!!!”