Through Health Training we connect with people, their many purposes, and their limitless possibilities. It is our passion. We make it personal and we take it personally. We’ve learned that the satisfaction found in our own achievements is only surpassed by empowering achievement in others. We are privileged to contribute to the success of others and find joy in celebrating with them.

We connect because we are curious and we care.

It is through curiosity and connection, that transformation occurs …it is how “what is” becomes “what could be”, and then “moves beyond” what can even be imagined, YET! Because we have been gifted, we are grateful and are motivated to journey curiously and generously beyond to new possibilities… It is in this spirit that we connect with clients and community.


We love to help kids of all ages and levels find joy in sports participation. Making kids feel like athletes is key to the encouraging environments we create – making movement / exercise safe, fun and injury free. Youngsters learn to apply 3-dimensional training principles while gaining confidence and earning recognition.


Financial resources are a significant barrier to opportunity and achievement for many promising young athletes... youngsters that have the desire, drive, and discipline but not the financial means to pursue their potential. It breaks our hearts. Our Sport Sponsors Club connects deserving athletes and sponsors for an innovative world-class training experience.


Health Training believes that everyone can be an athlete – one who perspires and inspires. It is why we are proud supporters of the Free2Play movement. Free2Play teaches movement literacy by progressing purposefully through physical effort (Perspire.) to grow one’s personal capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of others (Inspire.). This world-class online training program is absolutely free and available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s You vs. You!