Curiosity - We explore possibilities, consider what-ifs, and wonder-out-loud to ignite creativity and to discover truth.

Truth - In discovering truth; we challenge, assumptions, understandings, opinions, judgments, and ideas rather than those who hold them.

Respect - We embrace the diversity that lies within each of us along with the wisdom and strength of community.

Honesty - We respect each other through communications that are direct, clear, complete, and accurate.

Encouragement - We position and support others for success.

Generosity - We live and give in abundance because we have been gifted in abundance.

Compassion - We take care of each other, our surroundings, and ourselves.

Passion - We are motivated by the dreams, spirit, and gifts that are within us; not by what is expected externally of us.

Innovation - We look beyond what is, to consider the possibilities of what could be simply because we can.

And from this better begins and grows beyond...

“Without purpose, movement has no meaning”