About Us

Our methods are simple, sophisticated, strategic and solidly anchored in science you can trust. The result is more for less. That means greater value for you. Value worth investing in.

We leverage your aspirations and effort with our knowledge and experience to dramatically enhance performance to achieve your goals in much less time and with less effort. Along the way we systematically teach you our secrets so that can take-charge and stay-in-charge confidently.

Isn’t that what you really want?

Let’s get real...

Passing fads and gimmicks just aren’t for you – too smart for that. One-size-fits-all programs and protocols just don’t cut it – certainly not worth your time and money.

The only way to Gain Your Edge is to earn it... You can! You will!

So, why not?

Our secret is in determining your unique performance thresholds and limitations; and then, building on success, train safely and optimally at the critical transformational-zones that drive achievement.

We take you beyond traditional training and treatment …past tired, boring flexibility, strength and endurance exercises. We take you beyond to agility, adaptability, resiliency, accuracy and wellbeing… all the way to YourPersonal Edge; that place where energy, courage and competitive advantage is renewed. We guide you there using our precision prescriptive program crafted personally for you.

At Health-Training you are treated like the Pros and cared for like family.

What makes us different is the difference we will make for you, your team, or organization.

Gain Your Edge!

Own Your Edge!